Revolution Drift Day

Another Monday worthy of a day off work.

Monday the 24 of September couldn’t come quick enough, back at Wakefield Park in Goulburn for another one of the famous Revolution Drift Days.

Having not been out to any drift events in a while due to work commitments and the upcoming Hot Rod tour of LA, it was good to be back behind the camera to record some jaw dropping angles and crazy times.

Drifting is just another one of those ‘soon to be huge’ in Australia sports with a revolution happening on Kiwi shores, only over the past decade. Relatively young, with an achievable entry price. This is the sport to be in.

Getting the rundown on the day to come, this unsuspecting R32 had many surprises in store.

Is there any other brand of seat for drifting?

A number plate with notoriety on the burnout scene, Thomas had his LS1 powered, ultra clean S14 disappearing within the clouds.

The first ‘sends’ of the day while standing on pit wall were crazy, cold tyres and sussing out the track made for a lot of spin outs. Considering these guys aim for the wall, admiration is at maximum level as they deliberately mash the accelerator and aim for that sweet spot.

Its one thing to watch the drifts, its another to feel the rubber and heat slap your face as you point your camera at a drift car.

Its not every race you get to stand out in the middle of the track, these guys are next level to watch as they aim for where they want to be with a car travelling there, very sideways.

While the mastery is down to practice and that in turn develops skill, sometimes the entry just isn’t right on.


The red dirt was flying all day.

Foot to the floor, has another meaning at the track.

Double vision exiting pit straight.

Angles and slow shutter = drift image porn.

The shots with drivers interacting are always a bonus when watching this unique sport.

Since Top Gear as we know it finished, has the stig found a new passion?! Drift Stig, is that you?

The livery on the S14 was so cool.

Even the Revolution Skyline made a few appearances in front of the lens.

I seem to know more people that jumped on the crypto bandwagon after it hit the media. The bandwagon got the mum and dad investors in but pumped the market for those in it for the short term gains. Lesson as to why education is always key, and you could one day own one of these awesome M3 drift cars.

I have to admit, behind the lens you capture the moment no matter the costs. This one entailed inhaling a dirt cloud, then a smoke cloud. All in the name of memories.

But capturing the smiles is worth it.

Lunch time is always a good chance to get a look under the hood. As the cars cool down and final mods are made for the afternoon.

All hail the Turbo Manifold

A stanley knife always has a place in the toolbox. Final bar adjustments among the many uses.

So many cool stickers.

Top plates.

The dirt showing the aerodynamics of the car.

Cool as a cucumber.

A stock looking R31 throwing itself into the corners, body roll and all ?!

Always good to see another media person out on course.

These days run two consecutive circuits, and it just works. Maximum drift time, maximum action, stay until you run out of tyres. Thats why these days are so popular.

The Wakefield safety crew are always on hand for any emergencies that may occur on or off the track.

Wonder what these plates mean? Hmmm…
Box shape skylines/Pintaras are making a comeback.

And that rounds out another drift day at Wakefield park in Goulburn.

One final image which sums up the end of the day, slight over judgement of the entry.

Further pictures are located here.

Please email me on for any high res copies of the images.

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