Revolution Drift Day, Wakefield Park

Located just outside of Canberra is a racetrack that I find myself at almost every weekend.
Whether thats just testing out a new camera setup for work, or trying out some new film, you can’t beat what can arguably be one of the coldest tracks around.

Wakefield park has only recently started hosting drifting again, a sport that has inspired a new generation of car enthusiasts to get out and ‘have a go’ at something very different. The art of loosing traction while searching for sideways angles.

I admittedly did shoot some film of this day so stay tuned for another post on my recent rekindling with my love of film. (Being only in my late 20’s, film is still fairly foreign but it provides another form of capturing light without relying on todays technology).

As always, the day was pretty cold, and the boys from Revolution waste absolutely no time in getting the boys on track. This is a day for maximum time angles and what some refer to as ‘hoonage’.

Straight to the other side of the track it was. Final sweeping corner always gets the maximum action and angles as the drifters let off and settle in for another round.

Classic R32 Skyline in that factory colour.

Or a very nice Silvia, perfectly setup for sideways duties.

Drift missiles like these make me want to get to Japan ASAP.

Even the Australian Made Holden Commodore made an appearance.


The Toyota Supra, notoriously terrible for heat soak around the track. But amazing for drifting.

One of the Hi-tec Drifting drivers was out getting some practice runs.

On track one minute, off the next.

Drift stig is that you?!

Something a bit different, complete sleeper with the tub liner on, until it spools.

Next lap was much more successful.

Guess the transplant?

Even those rear brakes hint at something with some power.

Its always so hard to move away from trackside, but I always know the pits have some surprises. Drift days are always the best time for a pit walk.

Genuine JDM stickers.

Wheel angles.

The moist dirt in-front was how most groins feel when seeing these two weapons.

The paint is amazing.

Is the correct pronunciation BRID or BRIDE?

So much angle.

Wheel transport

The object of much admiration. Such a clean beast.

Even the rub looks good.

Nismo wheels.

Twin calipers.

Two of the same car, but such different ideologies.

Could this be Japan?

Roll out

Limited laps, saw this car loaded onto the trailer before the afternoon was over.

Push back into the pits.

Jesse Streeter, god of all imports.

Bar lifting skills.

Pit repairs, always wear a helmet kids.

Lining up for the next laps.

Carbon rear panels.

Drift wing.

Sadly a little tap ended this guys day early.


Pit wall view, initiation.

This car could be all yours for twelve grand. Only driven to Church on Sundays, true since the track is our church.

Full throttle.

Cool wagon, PINGAZ plates. Wink wink.

Up close action.

Classic R31.

Front Wheel Drive joining the train.

Finite point of drift angles.

Pit wall action, Corolla was coming right at the wall.

Pit repairs

Home time.

Its all about the finer details.

For the gram.

Full gallery can be found here

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