Wakefield TrackSchool Day

With some of the coldest temperatures of the season blowing through Goulburn NSW on the way to the snowfields no doubt, Wakefield was certainly one of those ‘should I get out of bed’ moments.

Eventually, I would end up dragging my self out of self imposed hibernation to make the hour journey to the track. Canberra gets cold, but its only felt as you duck between buildings. Who would be mad enough to stand out in the weather while the guys on track sat in warm air pockets of the vehicles interiors.

Turning up I was greeted with the Hyundai’s new I30 variant, the famed ‘N’. Named after the nurbugring and designed by the same man who helped catapult the BMW M to fame, the N is a crazy little car for the price.

This particular model was looking ultra clean while awaiting its track debut with the owner.


The plates say it all.

Rollin’ out.

The track temps were definitely cold. Very cold, traction was very hard to maintain on the first few laps out.


Rotors always love to cold weather.

Induction system pointing to a decent motor setup?

Slightly hidden cage.

Aerodynamic rear bumper.

Commodore body roll, track on the weekend, school run through the week. A now deceased Aussie icon.

Another classic.

Some very very nice track/everyday wheels.

Track school run track days are all about having fun and getting to know your car, so its not uncommon to see various models on any lap.

The ‘N’ on track.

Always cool to see the Wagons out.

Italian heritage, looking very at home on the track.

Race car panels.

Even the very luxurious Mercedes had a run on the track.

MX5’s are always a track day favourite. So light, nimble and yet very affordable.

Not long until I get to Bathurst to see a Skyline on Brocks Skyline.

Aero package.

Such a cool car, I have never seen one of these before.

Wonder if this is a stock colour?

This guy must have been shivering, I had two jackets on trackside and the intermittent rain/sleet was like ice on my face. It would have been like bullets over the windscreen of this.

Mitsubishi got something so right, everything with the Evolution. AWD, an engine setup thats easy to swap out parts and a cabin with some of the comfiest bucket seats you will find. The board holders on the roof hinted at the Snow Prowess of this particular vehicle.

This Civic with its Carbon boot had the perfect weather for chasing track times. With the rain intermittent, the track was dry pretty quickly. Cooler temps help with those faster times.

Leaving just before lunch time, due to the cold and a car cruise to be on, I got a final chance to see the I30 do a flying lap. The pit wall was echoing the popping noise these cars will soon be synonymous for.

Thanks for reading.


Further pictures are located here.

Please email me on dancaseyimages@gmail.com for any high res copies of the images.


Extra links for further research:

Wakefield Park Raceway

Mitsubishi Evolution Wikipedia

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