4Mance Wakefield Track Day

When you think about workshops, none for me stand out as much as 4mance automotive when it comes to Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution.

The first time I saw any mention of this workshop was a few months prior when attending another Wakefield track dayBased in Sydney’s North Shore, they do the complete package, and not just Evo’s I might add, but any make and model you can think of.

A line of Evo’s standing out like dogs proverbial’s. With various mods from stock through to waste-gates venting out the bonnet mesh, there was one for every connoisseurs tastes. Just behind these were an assortment of Pulsars covered in the shops logo, so it was clearly the customers carpark for the 4mance team.

At a recent drift day, the shops logo was also present, just to show these guys work on anything. A certain purple S15 with full cage, bright yellow wheels and a crazy front tubular setup, aka another Japanese Missile ready to loose traction and gain angle while hitting three figure speeds.

This car is now in Japan after being shipped overnight ready to compete in the Formula drift Japan series.

New wraps for the 4mance MX5 was awesome, so much detail these days in wraps. From the ‘rust’ to the rivets on the panels. This was probably one of the standouts of the day.

Don’t be fooled by the MX5’s size. This is a crazy track weapon. Putting in laps at every session, the driver was not afraid to put the pedal to the metal. With a few tail slides coming onto the straight, there was no denying smiles were a plenty in the cabin.

With so many nice rear ends to look at, which would you pick?

Drift car or track car?

Rear tyre warp

Matty Hill in his shakedown run.

If you don’t spin your car, are you even getting enough angle? Drifting is all about being on edge.

Teetering right on the edge.

As a photographer, its cool when people acknowledge you. Makes for some good shots of interaction.

Every lap for Matty was insane. Foot flat.

Ok maybe its a drift car?

Matt showing his passenger after multiple practice runs, he can pull off a clean lap.

Old school drift roots. The 86 was looking retro and keeping angles all day, an impressive feat given this car was one of the select NA cars on the day.

Earlier mention of Evo’s, this was one of the standouts last time. After a whole heap more work since then, MOP UP was back.

For a street looking car, no rollcage or crazy exterior mods, this thing is one you don’t want to be in a ‘legal’ street race against.

The track day guys were out coaching for the best lap times and helping drivers increase their skills.

On the chase, the 4mance GTR seeking some space.

Cool little mirage, next level on the wrap colour.

An assortment of cars always turn up for track days.

A chaser not drifting?

Even the Euro’s come out for some laps.

Previously spoken of Pulsars.

Team U & A was out and about.

Japanese saloon.

Camo is making a comeback.

Classic Subaru SVX. The owner has some unbelievably rare parts in his shed.

One of the best factory colours in my opinion.

Titanium tips.

Rotary out proving its prowess on the racetrack. I fortunately worked at Mazda when these came in, they were popular with people who had outgrown the RX’s of yesteryear and could now once again pilot a rotary engine. (Yes I know these are a hybrid rotary, but the right marketing sells.)

Maserati’s always stand out.

With the dirt on the rear tyre to show this car was pushed to its limits, the driver didn’t back off, even when faced with getting a little sideways coming home.

Old track classic. When the S15 was launched, she was named as a do it all car.

Very neat 180 with Japanese lightweight wheels, just a performance package.

Throw some new rears on and she is ready for track laps. The do it all car.

Last session of the day had the biggest pack out. Learning how to deal with traffic on track ensures these guys are prepared for busier days.

A future classic?

I can’t wait to head out and put one of these through its paces at Wakefield. But that’s for another day….very soon.

Competing with the cold is always a challenge at Wakefield, not to mention the strong winds and cloud cover through out the day. It was a challenging day to shoot, even with getting out to Goulburn after lunch, the wind was still very high. I always love when I walk away from a shoot with at least a few images to give the owners of their pride and joy. Thats the aim as a photographer to create memories, and capture those moments in time.


Thanks for reading.


Further pictures are located here.
Please email me on dancaseyimages@gmail.com for any high res copies of the images.


Extra links for further research:

4mance Workshop

Wakefield Park Raceway

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