Boogaloo Invitational 2018

Dedication, hustle, two words thrown around very frequently on todays social media platforms. Almost like overnight, they have become some sort of status symbol and justifying the late nights and early mornings spent out partying at the club or watching Netflix.

Arguably, no longer is the car culture made up of enthusiasts whom live and breathe cars, working late nights to use their hands, or fiddle with one thing to understand the how and why. These days we send it to someone else and that the end of that. The car gets a mod, you are now an enthusiast who mods his car end of story.

Surprisingly this is more common than ever, I sometimes regret leaving the mechanical trade, since there is so much money to be made and skills to advance with technology. But my heart was never in dealer servicing, granted some rare rotaries walked through the Mazda dealership, but Grandma is never going to mod her rotor to arguably decrease fuel economy and increase power, when the car still gets her to Thursday night Bingo on a sniff of ‘gas’.

But hold on, what does this have to do with the Boogaloo? Read on.

Friday morning wasn’t just another, ‘end to the week’, of which my social media feed is filled with drinking and other antics. Friday was the day, we got up and were out of the house, on the road for another adventure. Sometimes you have to feel sorry for the automotive family. Getting out of bed to drive 7 hours to a country town, all for one day of a hot-rod show? Crazy? I think not. At least this wasn’t the return day trip to Melbourne like my mechanic days.

After a long day on the road and quite a few stops in between at some local country towns. So picturesque, we finally arrived in Castlemaine to be greeted by this roadside sign.

Suddenly the heart strings were plucked as I knew we had entered a town which I will have fond memories of in the future.

I couldn’t help myself when I heard the familiar rumbling through town. Where was it? First thoughts were of the train, but to my amazement, it was a fine as hell Hotrod entering the show grounds.

On the opposite side of the road another ‘rod rumbled to life.

And then heading towards town, this beast rolled on by, rather quickly. Motion blur for added emphasis speed.

This is what we were here for, we had arrived in the town renowned for Hotrod culture. Was the drive worth it? It sure seemed like it so far.

Even heading for dinner on the Friday, we were greeted by a street lined with Hot Rods. Glistening paintwork, through to some cool as a cucumber matte black with hand painted white graphics.

Dinner venue, the Bridge hotel, recommended by locals and very accomodating staff. Plus who could resist a fire pit and a huge assortment of local brews.

Some quick research showed that this ‘show’ or ‘gathering’ as you would call it, is rather popular, with some articles found on Street machine and various other global hot rod publications. Even the official website touts the show as a tribute to the traditional hotrod shows of yesteryear, where the cars inside are invited (personally I might add) and celebrated, and fond memories of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are shared or even made.

Two houses down from where we stayed, was this beast, just out the front on a nice cold morning, can’t imagine the heater would work to well.

Even going to breakfast, they were everywhere.

Parked in the backstreet were these two beauties.

Mooneyes and Ratfink stickers, sometimes its these small details that help make the car.

Even the quick lunchtime bite before heading into the show grounds, provided the goods and I am guessing these were donated by a local. Castlemaine is very ‘hipster’ with a few factories getting restored to their former glory while hosting renewed treasures.

From a personal point of view, I love that something old can become new again. Almost like the hot rod scene, patina, rust, old paint or old shells, tell such a story. Even this Ford Falcon had a whole story attached to the For sale sign in the window. I am sure the new owner would carry some sentimental attachment to times gone by and hopefully make new stories to carry on the legacy of this life transforming invention.

Just across the road was this two door variant.

I honestly have no idea on bikes, but this one looked pretty sweet. Might be some more late nights in store to research these speed demons before the US trip. Better to be slightly informed so I know what I am looking at.

Casual cruiser doing the run into town.

A little bit of slammage never hurt.

Classic Holden panel van, now days everything is made of plastic, this thing would almost destroy a new car and walk away with a small dent if a crash were to occur.

I admit the cars were overwhelming, so I may have sat in the driveway for a little while shooting pictures.

Finally time to head to the venue.

Cool little corolla spotted in the car park / side street.

Just classic, long, low and probably loud is how you would describe this.

Not a ford fan, but I love these Falcons.

No bonnet, no worries, this is hot rod country after all.

Almost finished, or is it ever finished?!

Nice induction setup.

Once you see the second skull, you can’t un-see it.

Titanium is always so cool, especially the individuality after it has been burnt in.

So much respect for the guys that can do this line work. To be so still and precise is such an art.

Exhaust details.

More amazing work.

Is that a knife handle gearstick lever?

Little fan photo, wanted a picture of his new skill.

Simplicity at its best.

Is that a real bullet hole?

Beer shift, I mean gear shift.

Hand painted, no stickers here.


More intricate work.

Low and slow? I don’t know.

And it was all yellow.

Cool to see a mate’s sticker on this, detailing done right.

A photo of a photographer taking a photo.

Popping in the sunset, smoother than butter.

A bit of bike porn.

I remember this one from Summernats.

Engine details.

So loco.

Maybe this is why the crowd had varying ages, you are never to young to mod.

More clean bays.

Champion spark plug colour scheme.

Perfect honeymoon.

Golden delight.

Purest of pinks.

Flame on.


Just the tip.

Low bucket.

Clean cockpit.

This is what its about, catching up with mates, meeting new ones and talking all things modified vehicles.

Selective focus on the many rear ends.

This bike would have a story to tell.

Ok another one.

So much engine.

Period correct riding attire?

Its all in the details.

The Booze shed up the front.

A new angle.

Skippy in the fence.

And to finish up with the fellow Canberran’s from BitchnStichn.

Personally, it was an awesome event but best told with images to showcase just the beauty of what was found within the show grounds of Castlemaine, I can’t wait to explore more of what the Hot Rod Culture has on offer..

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